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About ImageMagick

There are an unlimited number of photo editing programs, which makes the process of selecting the best and suitable program for use extremely difficult, but ImageMagick can be said to be one of the best image editing programs that you will never regret using to modify your photos.

The ImageMagick program is also very distinctive so that you can create, edit, and design moving pictures, convert images from one format to another and write on images, also introduce a lot of adjustments to images and fully control the presentation of images in an interesting way through the tools and commands provided by the free program, such as controlling image resizing Rotate the image, get rid of the defects in the pictures, cut some parts of the pictures, convert the images from one formula to another for use in different purposes, draw different engineering shapes on the pictures, and write on them.

This is in addition to a lot of techniques in editing the images that the program has. In order to fully identify the program, you must obtain a personal experience on the program. Free ImageMagick Photo Editor.

Image ImageMagick

  •  official website
  • Program Version: ImageMagick 7.0.9-7
  • Developer: ImageMagick Studio LLC
  • The size of the program: 32.2 MB
  • Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
  • Software license: Free
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