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 VLC application is one of the most popular video and audio playback applications, and it is considered one of the oldest programs in this field due to its version for computers that is available on almost all computers in all the world.

But if we talked about the features in the program, we need a very large article due to the availability of the program on many great features, mention only a few of them, for example, through the VLC application, you will be able to play all multimedia formats, whether they are video or audio formats, the most famous of them is MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC. You will be able to play high quality movies on your phone without any problems or irritation while working, and you will also be able to play compressed videos like MKV movies and well-known compression formats like FLV.

This is in addition to the feature of the lack of what you find in another program, which is the ability to play videos by application in the form of a popup window that you can move anywhere on the screen, as this feature is very important in case you want to watch some videos and at the same time you want to do anything on your phone or Your tablet, especially if you use social media. Finally we remind you that the app contains Equalizer that you can control as you want to get the appropriate pitch and sound effect.

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