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About GTA 10 Game

The Gata game is considered the most famous game in the world that had a start with the playstation devices that before the development of the game and the provision of a set of other versions such as Gata for smart phones and also now for modern computers running Windows, now you can get the latest version of the Gata 10 game for your computer Enjoy playing online with friends.

GTA 10 Game Computer

You can control the game through the keyboard and mouse, but the game has been developed significantly in terms of graphics and sound and visual effects, as the number of game stages and levels have been increased and many new vehicles have been included inside the game.

The Gata 10 computer also allows you to enter many competitions with the people in it by default, with the ability to earn money and prizes when winning any competition. For the money you earn from the game, you can use it to buy new things like vehicles, motorcycles and planes as well as advanced weapons. There are also prizes to lengthen your stay in the game and keep security men away from you, with the ability to wear security personnel and carry out missions assigned to you from within the game. The Gata 10 game allows you to perform various tasks such as shrinking the role of the taxi man and riding a taxi to connect customers to the places that the game determines for you automatically.

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GTA 10 Game Computer

  • Developed company: Rockstar Games.
  • Game size: 1.8 GB.
  • official website
  • The game works on Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
  • License: Free.

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