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About CyberLink Screen Recorder
CyberLink Screen Recorder is considered as one of the most powerful computer video recording programs, due to its strong capabilities that you will not find in other competing programs, it is sufficient that the program is produced by the famous company CyberLink, which has many computer programs and applications, both video editing and editing programs Video and photo editing software. In general, the program is characterized by being light on computers and laptops, and the processor does not strain the screen card.

CyberLink Screen Recorder features:

Through the program you will be able to record the computer screen with high quality video, as you will be able to record anything that goes on the screen. The program allows you to record computer games with video while playing and with the quality that you specify, and that you can make live broadcasts of games Livestream through the program on different video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and others, thus your friends around the world will be able to see live pictures while playing and interact with you moment by moment.

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