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Pandora Recovery recover and recover deleted files from NTFS hard drives or FAT volumes. Pandora Recovery scans your hard drive. Through this program you can restore any file you deleted from your computer accidentally in moments. The program is very simple only to the left of the program select the hard disk that you want to scan the selected files on it and press the button Start Scan Surface Scan. The program will scan or search for deleted files on your computer and specifically on the hard drive you selected. After the program finishes checking the hard disk, the program will give you the files that I was able to recover from the hard drive. Just select the file or image you want to restore by pressing it once and then from the right mouse button, select Recover to. Select where you want to save the file, by clicking the Browse button and then selecting the folder where you want to save the file. Finally click on the Recover Now button. Easy and simple program I advise you to use and download.

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Official website
Developer: Pandora Corp.
Compatible with Windows: XP, VSTA, 7,8.
Size: 2.31 MB.
License: Free.

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